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We have 105 ha of orchards, of which:
80 hectare of cherry trees: Kordia, Regina, Carina, Merchant, Van, Stella, Uriaș de Bistrița si Boambe de Cotnari
15 hectars of apple trees: Golden, Gala, Jonagored, Braeburn, Idared si Starkrimson
4 hectars of pear trees: Xenia, Oksana, Conference
6 hectars of plum trees: Jubileum si Victoria


Controlled atmosphere cold storage area of 1500 sqm
reception base, storage, fruit conditioning with an area of 10,000 sqm


Cherry sorting line by color and diameter with a capacity of 1.2 to / h
Cherry pre-cooling equipment
Apple and pear sorting line with a capacity of 5 to / h
Plum sorting line with a capacity of 3 to / h
Packing equipment in punnets and bags for all the fruits in the portfolio


At Panere, we have implemented the GlobalGAP & GRASP standards as we comply with the most strict requirements for the safety of our products, the impact on the environment, responsible water use and cultivation activities. We work sustainably for the entire fruit cultivating system, with a special focus on the safety and well-being of our employees.