Romanian fruits from Summer, with love

Fruit are good. It’s just how things are. Tasty, refreshing, healthy, colorful, perfumed and fresh. At Panere, we pick cherries, plums, apples and pears and put them in our baskets full of sunshine. We totally get it if you like other fruits, if you only eat them peeled or in tiny slices, if you use them for cooking or save them for winter. We’re not saying you should eat them for their properties, to go through special diets or count your calories. We just hope you eat whatever you like, feeling free and daring, like a child climbing a tree in the middle of Summer.

Who we are and the culture of our fruits

Panere is a fruit producer from the hills of the beautiful Moldavian region of Romania. In our orchard, you can hude behind cherry trees, plum trees, apple trees and pear treas, which are being taken care of withour hearts full of love for summer, nature, the environment, each other and, yes, you.

Standards and certifications

At Panere, we implemented the GlobalGAP standard and we meet the most strict requirements for the safety of our products, for the impact on the environment, using water responsibly and in all aspects of cultivation. We do sustainable work all through the process, paying special atention to the safety and well-being of our employees.

The most important european standard in agriculture is GlobalGAP, which sets good practices and susteinability in agriculture. It guarantees that Panere fruits will reach you at the highest possible level of qualiy and safety.

Where can you find us?

Most often, we are to be found in our orchard, in the Cotnari village in the county of Iași, Romania. Also, through our partners that we supply with romanian fruits that then get to travel through the whole country, reaching all you Summer lovers out there. 

Our partners: Lidl, Kaufland, Profi, Mega Image & more